9.7-inch Ultra-Slim Backlit iPad Pro Keyboard Case

Compatible with the 2015 release 9.7 inches iPad Pro generation,

Tech Specs:
Product Dimensions : 9.4 x 6.7 x 0.6 inches
Item Weight : 1.2 pounds
Battery Type : Lithium Ion
97 Reviews

9.7-inch Ultra-Slim Backlit Bluetooth iPad Pro Keyboard Case 

This Bluetooth Keyboard Case makes your iPad pro more than a touch-screen tablet. Just pair it with your 9.7-inch iPad pro and enjoy your new MacBook. 

Super-slim and portable 

Using ultra-thin design concept, the thinkness of key only 4mm, light for carry. 

Please Note: since the aluminum built adds some weight, it may heavier than some leather iPad air keyboard cases . 

Humanization of stent 

Shaft bracket design, can change from multi-angle, meet your visual needs at you're the best visual angle. Change your iPad to small Macbook in seconds. Standing angle can be tilted up to 135 degree. 

7 colors backlighting keyboard 

Backlighting design, can provide different brightness control, different visual enjoyment for you. 

Intelligent switch 

Shaft bracket type intelligent induction can turn on/off iPad Pro keyboard once open the cover, automatically enter sleep mode once close. Shortcut key Fn+C can open Bluetooth, click Bluetooth singal on the iPad for pairing. Get rid of old complex pairing, more convenient and quick. 

Remove Suggestion from Our Customer

1.To remove iPad gently pull from the volume cutout and move your finger around the edges and make sure to keep the lid down slightly so that you dont break your screen.

2.I shaved a little (1/2 inch off the 3 inches) of the lip on the upper plastic clip with a abandoned card and the iPad holds in firmly and comes out much easier. 

Package Included: 

1 x iPad 9.7-inch Pro Bluetooth Keyboard Case 

1 x USB Charging Cable 

1 x User Manual

Hear what others have to say.

Amanda L. HardingDecember 26, 2016

Great case for the cost

I bought this keyboard case after my SECOND Zagg case in a ROW broke. I decided that maybe more expensive didn't necessarily mean better. I was correct about that. This case costs literally HALF what i paid for one Zagg case and it is every bit as good, but much cuter. It's not perfect but neither was any of my previous cases,be they Zagg or Logitech or Belkin (I've used them all). It doesnt auto correct bizarrely like some do-and it doesnt take up to 10 keystrokes to wake up and start working (yeah, im looking at you ZAGG). It's sturdy and the keyboard is nice, good space between the keys and cool colored backlights. I have long nails (not freakishly long) and i find the apple keyboards and the "ultra thin" keyboards almost unusable-if thats you too, this case is a no brainer. My only complaint is that the space bar seems to not work as often as I need it to, but i dont mind because it auto corrects the space in without my interference.

Stuck in AlaskaDecember 26, 2016

Fantastic keyboard/case for the iPad Pro 9.7.

I had high hopes for this Keyboard case when I ordered it because I was very disappointed with my first thought of getting the Logitech CREATE for iPad Pro that had a lot of negative reviews. Fortunately, this keyboard far exceeded my hopes and it works perfectly! It connects via Bluetooth very quickly when opening the case, and is quick to allow typing as needed. The color matches my iPad and the support of the iPad in the "laptop" look is very firm in either position that you choose. I'm very pleased with the back-lighting with different color intensities, which is a great plus, and the keys feel sturdy when typing. The key layout has a bit of a learning curve, but not too bad. The only downside to this keyboard case, is the fact that it is quite difficult to remove the iPad when needed. However, I usually use by iPad with the keyboard attached, so this really isn't a "deal breaker" for me. I would recommend this to anyone that wants a good keyboard for your iPad without "breaking" the bank!

NJSDecember 26, 2016

Nice protection and wonderful keyboard.

Love this case. I have one complaint about it. I cannot tell how much battery is in the keyboard. That is disconcerting as I head out to a day of work. There needs to be some indicator. Love the action of the keyboard.

Felipa G. CalaisDecember 23, 2016

Five Stars

Very nice piece. Highly recommend this piece.

Amazon CustomerDecember 20, 2016

Quite heavy, far more than I realised, very …

Quite heavy, far more than I realised, very sevicable but not something to put in a purse and carry around at leisure.

Francisco PegueroDecember 20, 2016

It’s a good keyboard I just don’t like how difficult it is …

It's a good keyboard I just don't like how difficult it is to get your iPad out of it

Patti C.December 18, 2016

Five Stars

Great case... love that there are many different backlights.

rOmPDecember 16, 2016

BECAREFUL of cracking your screen! LOVE this product, but defective(?) unit CRACKED my screen!

LOVE this case, but 2 stars! Here is why: It cracked the corner of my iPad screen! I believe that it could have been a defective unit, the right hinge came somewhat misaligned (there is no way to have even foreseen such an event, much less spot it by sight. I discovered it only after installation, and after it cracked my screen) and damaged my screen upon opening (keyboard's hinge acts as a lever)! Left side was left without any cracks or issues (which leads me to believe that there are units out there without this defect!). If they were to just move the hinges out by a tiny fraction of a millimeter, this unit would work without even the slightest chance of damaging a screen! Now, this case is pretty awesome. It had all the features I was looking for. Out of the box, my unit worked just as promised (I recommend testing all the keys right from the start). When the unit flipped open, the keyboard turned on and connected automatically (after initial setup). When flipped shut, it shutdown. Backlit keyboard worked and changed colors as promised. Beautiful. Hinges were firm, not loose or floppy. The bottom of the unit is made of what looks like aluminum. It seems to be weighted. The top cover (which holds the iPad) is made of silver colored plastic. Before you judge, you should realize that this design distributes the weight so the keyboard stays flat. It is very easily scratched, but better the case gets scratched than your iPad! Please take note that this will significantly add weight to your iPad setup. I would have had nothing but LOVE for this case... only... having the screen of my iPad cracked was a somewhat severe "return!" I can't say that the "penalty was equal to the crime" in this situation... due to a tiny difference in manufacturing tolerances, I must now deal with a permanently cracked iPad screen... my iPad having less than a week of use... (T_T). But if you got a working unit (and it seems that many people do), this case should be awesome. You just have to risk potentially cracking your iPad screen after installation (you can only observe whether it is touching your screen after installation - and removing your iPad from this case is VERY difficult to do - the keyboard may STILL act as a lever, and crack your screen - and you will be powerless to stop it)! Finally, if you have read this far (thank you), allow me a moment to give you a "tip" as to how to remove your iPad from your case (I do not recommend it, but just in case you have to): You will need something like a "credit card" - I recommend using an expired one, or one of those membership cards from your local retailer/wholesale club to practice with until you get the hang of it. Take the following steps: Going from the edge of the unit (where you have room), slip your plastic card underneath - between your iPad and the case cover. carefully negotiate the card around the edges of your iPad to the top of your case. There are two "clips" on the top of the unit. Slide your card between BOTH clips, and the iPad should kind of "free up." It can be a bit tricky! Good Luck! I review these items with my own funds as honestly as I can. If you found this review to be helpful, please help out by giving my review a thumbs up!

IfeomaDecember 14, 2016

Excellent Alternative Keyboard for iPad Pro

As a less expensive option for an iPad keyboard, it's worth it. iPad is so secure in the case! So secure that I found it kind of difficult to take out the first few times. It's compact. The keyboard lights up in 6 different colors. You can change the brightness of the keyboard colors. The keyboard has buttons to lock your iPad Pro, to adjust the brightness of the screen, media buttons, and a home button. Only negative, if I had to be critical, it is difficult to swipe up from the bottom with four fingers to view all open apps. This is because the iPad sits down in the case. Not a real reason not to buy; just press the home button twice to get the same results. When you close the case the iPad locks. When you open it, the screen comes on. Lastly it comes with a screen protector! That was a nice surprise

lindaDecember 14, 2016

Not worth it!

A botton popped off which happens, I wasn't mad at that. What really pissed me off was trying to get my iPad out of this thing, it was close to impossible and now my iPad is scratched!! They should refund the my iPad not the case!!!

Molly L.December 12, 2016

My daughter uses it for school

My daughter uses this for school. It's very functions and looks great.

Just SayingDecember 12, 2016

and it looked awesome on her new Ipad pro

It was a present for my wife, and it looked awesome on her new Ipad pro, she loved it and it looks great and the color matching is excellent also, and it works great.

gjohnson65December 12, 2016

Slick protective case – my best buy yet!

I absolutely LOVE this case! It makes me look like I'm working on a MacBook!! Very sturdy and I write very comfortably with the keyboard. I love the different backlit colors. Very cool, very sturdy case. It was really easy for me to connect - 1-2-3, no issues at all. Note: You do get some additional weight but that just tells me my iPad is really being protected.

Amazon CustomerDecember 10, 2016

Just arrived….

Perfect fit. Connects effortlessly.

SadeghDecember 10, 2016

Perfect Keyboard. Perfect Price

I recently got a brand new iPad Pro and wanted to get a sleek and beautiful keyboard to match. Unfortunately it took a while before I stumbled upon this iEGrow keyboard. One of the reasons that persuaded me to make the purchase is the price. Most keyboards out there are around $100 or higher. I was lucky to stumble upon this keyboard before I settled for a more expensive one. Pros: The keyboard is made from aluminum and feels very solid. It has a good weight to it. It feels almost the same as the back side of your iPad Pro. It is cool to the touch. The colors are very beautiful and comes in matching iPad colors. The hinge is reinforced with the same aluminum which add extra strength to the weak point of clam shell keyboard covers. The keys are quiet and are effortless to type with. They feel almost like frosted glass. The keyboard has seven backlit colors that can light up your keyboard if you ever consider using it in the dark. Pairing is simple and fast. Just hold the Fn+C button and you'll see the bluetooth light flash near the upper right hand corner of the keyboard. Simply go into settings and look for the keyboard in your bluetooth connection. Unlike most keyboards I had tried, this keyboard does not lose signal. Once paired, you will stay connected. I did not have to constantly reconnect the keyboard. Cons: There are only two cons to this keyboard. The first is the fact that it does not fold back very far. It stop at a good viewing angle but does not have any function to allow use in portrait mode. The second is the fact that the shift button on the right hand side is small. My finger muscle memory always end up tapping the up key because I had assume the shift key was the regular big size. These two cons were not much of a big deal for me. I simple hold the keyboard open like you would a book and use it in portrait mode. After a few days of using the small shift key, I have slowly adapted. I think it will not bother me very much in the future. Other than the inability to fold back very far and the small shift key, this keyboard is perfect. I ended up buying three of these keyboards in the color silver, rose gold, and gold to gift to my family.

cccxxxiiiDecember 9, 2016

The technology of these is improving.

I've had a few iPads and with each one I use a BT keyboard and screen protectors, fingerprints are the worst. I've no serious complaints with this one, it works as they state. Occasionally it'll take on a mind of it own and start doing This. But. I. Deal. With it. Not sure why it does that, any feedback is appreciated.

Amazon CustomerDecember 9, 2016

Very Nice Case

I like having my iPad be able to act like a Mac Book. The keyboard is nice to type on and is just the right size for me. Someone with larger fingers might have an issue though. The keys are not small but they are not standard size . The color matches my iPad perfectly and the battery charge lasts a long time - much longer than my iPad! Its a sturdy case that i'm very pleased with.

Kyle DavisDecember 8, 2016

Can’t get it out

Good case but once it's in you can't get it out without scratching your iPad. A lot of the keys serve no purpose.

Amazon CustomerDecember 6, 2016

I like how it is a case and key

I like how it is a case and key, also my battery life in the keyboard is very nice. I was nervous on how much battery it would eat up on my iPad leaving the Bluetooth on 24/7 pretty much, but it really isn't bad at all!

Wanda PDecember 6, 2016

Excellent Case!

Excellent case! A little heavy compared to the weight (less than a pound) of the iPad itself. All holes line up. Easy to pop the iPad in. Exact same color of iPad. Keys are great and a backlight is available in colors. Typing on the keypad is smooth, noiseless, great spacing between the keys. The only thing I'm having to get used to is that the "pg up" key is where the shift key should be. Instead the shift key is to the right of the 'pg up' key. So, I'm finding myself typing, only to take notice that the curser moved to the beginning of my line. Overall, an excellent purchase!!!

Randy BrowningDecember 5, 2016

Pretty darn good after a few days of use.

Surprise, surprise. Apple and Logitec telling us that a iPad Pro keyboard can't be made for less than $100 seems to be an upscale. And since i've tried and returned both, I feel compelled to share about this little wonder. Not only does it work, and work well, but the backlighted keys are fantastic, and not over powering. The touch response is great for a chicklet style keyboard. It is also accurate. It is a perfect fit, and the same color (rose gold) as my 128Gb Pro. Add to that the fact that it brings everything to life just by opening it. Your iPad will not see it as a device until you hit Command and C together, which is covered on page there of the included manual. Initially I was concerned about it not showing up as a BT device, so I had to read the damn book. Only negative is a personal issue, where I reach for the backspace, and the key directly above it puts the iPad to sleep. So I'm having to work through my sloppy typing skills.

Amazon CustomerDecember 4, 2016

It’s easy to install and setup

This is a solid keyboard case and works charm. It's easy to install and setup. It will be very useful for who will be working on the iPad.

Linna M. RogersDecember 4, 2016

Great product!

I like this keyboard case very much. It is lightweight, slim and holds my ipad Pro perfectly. I read alot in bed so I like the lighted keyboard. The only thing I do not like on this keyboard is the page up key is in the exact spot where the shift key is on most keyboards so when I capitalize something I always hit the page up key instead and it messes up my typing. Other than that, I am very pleased with my purchase and I recommend it highly.

Anna GemperlineDecember 2, 2016

I previously gave this a one star because I had …

I previously gave this a one star because I had it for a month and the keys stopped working. But the company helped me get the problem fixed

Amazon CustomerDecember 2, 2016


NEVER!!!!! have I been the slightest bit disappointed with the design and or quality of any OF "iEGrow" products, and this one is no exception! My wife is in heaven with this purchased to serve and protect her new iPad. She takes it everywhere with total confidence!! ???? Happy wife.........well, you know the rest!! LOL????

JohnDecember 1, 2016

Randomly inserts periods

I was very hopeful upon receiving this keyboard but after using it a few times it began to randomly insert periods followed by capitals between words. This is very annoying and results in my having to delete and retype sentences multiple times. I will need to return the keyboard because this severely impacts it's function as a keyboard.

CinderDecember 1, 2016

One Star

Slippery, slides across the desk or lap when using it. Doesnt open fully/lay flat.

Zaida Catlina SotoDecember 1, 2016

The color is pretty! Only complain is that the close button is …

Heavy, tough and durable; just what I wanted. The color is pretty! Only complain is that the close button is on top of the delete button and I continually close it by mistake. I just need to get used to it! Recommend wholeheartedly!

Debbie ThompsonNovember 28, 2016

My iPad couldn’t locate this keyboard case. No charger …

My iPad couldn't locate this keyboard case. No charger included either. Want to return it but the box was thrown away by mistake.

Amazon CustomerNovember 22, 2016

but one thing I CAN say is that is super easy to type on it

I haven't really used it for a long enough time to write a valid review, but one thing I CAN say is that is super easy to type on it. I feel like I'm on a laptop!