Pencil Holder USB LED Desk Lamp for Kids

LED Desk Lamp like bean seedling,Highly flexible neck lights.

Tech Specs:
Voltage & Current : DC5V & 500MA
Lithium Battery Capacity : 3.7V/18650/1200MA
Charging Time : 3 hours
Output Power : Low Level 0.125W, Middle Level 0.5W, High Level 1W
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iEGrow Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Pencil Holder for kids

360° Degree Rotation: totally flexible and can be adjusted to different heights and angles, a perfect combination of lighting and decoration.

Creative Novelty Design: sapling desk lamp with pen holder, can be used in home, office, school etc.

Touch-sensitive Control: 3 levels of brightness are controlled easily by the power on/off switch, can meet various demands of different environment.

Eye-protection and Energy-saving: 10pcs high quality LED bulbs, natural LED light, no overlap shadow, no flicker, soft and pure light, effective mitigation of visual fatigue and eye protection.

USB Rechargeable: built-in rechargeable lithium battery, powered by USB port, cycle charge LED lighting, long life of working.

100% Happy Shopping: thousands of happy customers, 100% positive seller ratings, 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Charging Rated Voltage: DC5V

Charging Rated Current: 500MA

Battery Capacity: 3.7V/18650/1200MA

Charging Period: About 3 hours

The light Source Power: Low Level 0.125W, Middle Level 0.5W, High Level 1W

Intensity of Illumination: LUX(30CM)

Switch Type: Touch-sensitive switch

Package Included

1x LED Desk Lamp

1x USB Charging Cable(not include adapter)

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C. Saechao June 18, 2016

Looks better in person

Looks better in person. Love this little lamp. Doesn't need to be charge as often as I thought it would

Clay June 18, 2016

The light isn’t super bright, but it is good for night time …

It's very cute, though smaller than I expected. I would think it would hold maybe five or six pens; it holds three. The light isn't super bright, but it is good for night time reading or working at the desk without hurting my eyes. The charge seems to last a long time, though I haven't calculated how long it lasts. It is definitely attractive and looks great next to my window plants! I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

Amazon Customer June 18, 2016

Very nice lamp.

I use this as a desk lamp at work. The lamp is cool looking and people always comment on it. A single charge last a long time.

harly500 June 18, 2016

This is a beautiful table lamp which works as a pencil holder as …

This is a beautiful table lamp which works as a pencil holder as well The portability of this lamp is quite handy. I enjoy using it in the evening for reading or for adult coloring books. I am not a fan of overhead lighting, so it is nice to be able to concentrate the light on just the exact area it is needed

Pan Kwokry June 18, 2016


I absolutely love the iEGrow touch sensitive dimmable USB LED desk lamp! It has a white base, which looks like a little flower pot, which has your power button on it, and the lamp looks like a little flower. I use the term 'power button' lightly, because there is a tear drop shaped spot with the power sign on it, but you only have touch it for it to come on. Touch once for low, twice for medium, and 3 times for high. It is actually quite bright, I was pleasantly surprised at how bright it is. There is also on spot opposite the power button where you can hold a couple of pens. The lamp is adjustable, you can move it around as needed. You charge via USB, and when the charge is running out, the light will start to dim, so you know when you need to plug it in. This is a great little lamp! I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Dominica Hagelberg June 16, 2016

Terrible light on any setting

Not good as a table lamp, or as a nightlight. Even on brightest setting it barely lights anything except what it directly under it. It also emits a harsh white LED light, which is unpleasant and not conducive to sleep. Wasn't worth paying the return shipping so I'm stuck with it.

Doleman June 16, 2016

Love my new LED desk lamp!

This LED iEGrow dimmable desk lamp arrived much more adorable in person than listing pictures! I didn't realize how cute it is until I opened it. Very compact light, sits about 15 inches when it is extended or stretched all the way, about four inches in diameter. Has three light settings and the stem is completely bendable and rotatable. This is a very good feature especially when it is used in the bedroom because you can tilt the light to another direction if your partner is sleeping so they don't complain it's too bright~ :)

Lorna June 16, 2016

Decorative desk lamp

My daughter has asked me for a reading light for a while for her desk. When I saw this I knew it would be perfect for her. The shape is a small flower pot with a long green stem decorative leaf and the flower bud on top is the light. It is flexible , can be rotated and or bent to any degree you need. There are three levels of brightness which is perfect for a desk light. There is a slot on the flower put to bend the bud into and or you can put pens, markers, etc inside. This is a usb charging light. The only semi problem I had was the connection of the usb into the base seemed to be a tighter fit than anticipated. However other than that small detail I could not find any other faults. Although I received this item at a free and or a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review, it does not change my opinion on product.

jessica June 16, 2016

Nothing wrong with it,

Nothing wrong with it, just the LED lights give me a bit of a head ache but if LED don't bother you then it's a neat lamp

Amy F June 16, 2016

Bright lamp, lightweight and super portable!

It iEGrow desk lamp is SUPER adorable. It's got three light settings: low, medium and high and the light is actually brighter than I was expecting and would be great for a reading light or just a desk lamp. It's a great LED lamp that's also a cute pen/pencil holder. The power button for the light is really cool -- it's not a button that you press down, but it's a touch button. All you have to do is lightly touch your finger to it and it turns it on and adjusts the light setting depending how many times you touch it. The light is steady (doesn't flash, blink or have that fluorescent lighting weird effect to it). It comes with a charging USB cord to charge it up when it starts getting low. The light/plant part of it is easily adjustable and you don't feel like you are bending or breaking cords inside of the stem. Not only is this fun for a desk, but you could use it on a nightstand or by a phone on a kitchen counter top or anywhere! This is so fun and unique and would be a GREAT graduation gift! Overall, I love it. It adds a bit of fun and uniqueness to your desk! I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review and would recommend this to others!

lauresaur June 15, 2016

I love it!

So cute! This adds some much needed light and life to my jail cell looking dorm room! I love that it doesn't even need to stay plugged in to function, as plugs are very limited in my dorm room. The charge lasts very long too! Every one that I have shown this lamp to loves it, they all think it's so adorable, and they're not wrong it totally is! I got mine in light green but I'm thinking about buying another color for the other side of the room. My dorm room is not very well lit so I rely pretty heavily on lamps. I love that this lamp has multiple brightness settings. It is nice to put it on the lowest setting when I'm getting ready to go to bed, there's something very soothing to me about it.

Sarah June 15, 2016

This little guy is so freaking adorable! He looks so cute on my desk

This little guy is so freaking adorable! He looks so cute on my desk! I can never seem to get enough light on my craft work station. I work with very intricate designs so I am always looking for an extra little lamp that I can adjust to illuminate my projects better. When I saw this one, I absolutely fell in love with how cure it is. When it arrived and I took it out of the box, it was just as cute if not cuter in person. The design is very simplistic and easy to use. The lamp comes with some charge in it so you are ready to go right out of the box although I would recommend charging it if you can. The instructions that it comes with are easy to follow even though it is a pretty straight forward design. The power button just takes a tap and the light on the sapling turns on. Tap it more times (up to three) for a brighter light. I prefer the light on its brightest when I am working on intricate work but the first or second setting works well for when I am reading or writing. The light is an LED and therefore very bright so it works great and efficiently. The little pot also has a small cup for pencils. I have found that it is a little too shallow for my pens, I like them to not stick out too far, but thats just my personal preference.

PunaD June 15, 2016

So adorable

This is so cute and goes perfectly in my dorm room. I love the 3-level brightness. It's easy to use, store, look at and adorable. I've gotten a lot of compliments! Love it!

Bryan June 15, 2016

iEGrow Dimmable LED Desk Lamp 3-Level Dimmer Flexible Table Light with Touch-Sensitive Switch

The iEGrow Dimmable LED Desk Lamp is a very cute little desk lamp. It looks like a plant that has sprouted out of the ground and is reaching up towards the sun. It reminds me of a bean seed that has just sprouted. The lamp can be extended to point straight up or it can be pointed and bent in any possible angle. The dimmable LED touch desk lamp has a 3-Level adjustable brightness through touch sensor switch. all I have to do is touch the power and I can turn it on or of and adjust the brightness. It contains a lithium rechargeable battery that can be recharged through a USB port with the supplied USB cable. After being fully charged, the lamp will last 15 hours consecutively in the dimmest light; 10 hours in medium light and 5 hours in brightest light. The light does not take up very much room and can easily sit on a desk or nightstand. It is a nice lamp for a child's room. I have mine sitting on a head board shelf. It makes it much easier to turn a light on during the night, instead of finding the wall light switch. I really like this iEGrow Dimmable LED Desk Lamp and highly recommend it. I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Diana Murphy June 15, 2016

Provides me with light and has a receptacle to pens and pencils!

This desk lamp is very cute! The light is a touch light unlike a button to push which is nice to operate. The light is very bright on high and cycles through low, medium, high, and off. There is a bucket type holder built in that is pretty big as I am able to get a few pens, pencils, and a small pair of scissors in it without any trouble. It looks like a plant about to bloom a flower but instead blooms a light! This is a plant that will not die! This lamp comes with a USB charger where I am able to charge through my laptop's USB port. Perfect size for my end table in which I want to add that I do not have to water it either and it provide me with light rather them me providing light for it.

RD June 15, 2016

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

It is easy to use the light, just put your finger on the ON/OFF switch to switch the light On, to change the intensity of light or even to switch the light Off. I love using this desk lamp especially when I'm reading at night. The desk lamp has a natural light which is easy on the eyes and comfortable to read a book. The light does not flicker and is not harsh on the eyes at all. The neck of the light is flexible and can be adjusted to different heights and angles to which you need.

AustinRina June 15, 2016

very cool decorative, functional lamp…

Bright decorative desk lamp, love it! Okay, if you are looking for a nice not big desk light that will also look like nice decor piece you will love this! This iEGrow lamp looks like a plant in a clean white flowerpot, it looks super cool! And you don't even have to plug it has a long life rechargeable lithium battery, so you can charge it and than run it cordless, or if you don't mind the cord you can leave it connected to your desktop PC/laptop, ether way I love it! The light is not too bright for the eyes with just the right amount of brightness, which you can actually adjust to your liking: there is 3 levels of brightness. Also you can twist it to different heights and angles. Another cool thing: I actually keep my pens right in the lamp, looks neat and very functional. I had this lamp on my desk for some time now, the more I look at it the more I want to get a couple more: one for my son's writing desk, one to put beside my bed, just saying this is super cute and functional lamp! I received this product complementary in return for my honest and unbiased opinion.

derryfarm04 June 15, 2016

I love this little lamp and highly recommend it!

I am always working late at night on my laptop and I hate leaving the kitchen light on so when this iEGrow Dimmable LED Desk Lamp was offered to me during a promotion in exchange for my honest review I was happy to test it. It arrived very quickly and was free of any damage. It is so much cuter in person and moves so much more than I was expecting. you can place it anywhere and it stays there. It works perfectly for what I needed it for and if I decide I want to read for awhile i can carry it with me to the bedroom. I love this little lamp and highly recommend it!

L.B. June 15, 2016

so cute and bright

I absolutely love my new little lamp. It's so cute but works so well too. Easy to charge with the usb cord. Has 3 light settings, and I'm very impressed with how bright it is. This would make an awesome gift. Love the little pen holder too. I received this product at discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

MW June 15, 2016

endless positioning. LED very bright. wish the pencil well was a tad deeper.

Overall, a very cute but practical addition to the desk.

Jay Paul June 15, 2016

Very cute desk lamp; Much brighter than expected!

I have read some of the other reviews of people stating they did not like that they could not charge this product via a wall outlet. That statement is completely false. You absolutely can. The only thing you would need is a wall outlet port. If you do not have a spare one, just plug the micro USB cable that this light comes with into one you borrow from your smartphone or something. Problem solved! I would highly recommend this product as a gift to a co-worker or to yourself. I gave this product to my mom who just started a new job and has an empty desk, and she loves it!

A Harris June 15, 2016

This little desk lamp is really adorable! Its much cuter in person and is decently …

This little desk lamp is really adorable! Its much cuter in person and is decently sized. It really looks great on my desk next to my laptop. It can get pretty dim in my living room at night and sometimes its hard to see the keyboard so having this little lamp over my computer is a great help.

R. Bush June 15, 2016

Adorable desk lamp; great design and battery life!

I am an avid reader and I often stay up late at night delving into my books. I did not own a desk or reading lamp prior to this, so I had to keep all of the lights on in my den when I read. I wasn’t thrilled about wasting so much unnecessary electricity so I thought that perhaps a desk lamp would work better for me. I ordered this sapling desk lamp by iEGrow as I was intrigued by its beautiful and unique design.

M. Evans June 14, 2016

A fantastic little lamp.

The lamp comes in an unassuming white cardboard box, but once you look closely, you will find the most hilarious broken English you've ever seen. In addition to the lamp itself, the box also contains a matching USB Micro-B charge cable, instructions, and a thank-you note containing more poorly written English.

Cherry June 14, 2016

I am in love with this LED light

I am in love with this LED light. It has 3 light settings, from dim - medium - bright light, with a touch sensitive button. The cute plant pot is a great decoration for office receptions, office desks, home and school desks and night tables. I have mine on my night table and I love it. The pen holder is also a great addition to the light, as I do sudoku in bed and keep my pencils on my table (now in the light plant pot). Also, I like the stem of the light, as this can be turned and twisted in any directions needed.

Heather F. June 14, 2016

Nice multi-brightness desk lamp

I ordered this light to keep at my desk at work. It was so cute that once I saw it I had to have it. I am slowly working on adding personal touches to my new office. We have overhead lights, but sometimes I just need a bit more direct light and this was a good option. The light is rechargeable so I don’t have to worry about another cord in my space. The light comes with a USB to Micro USB cable for charging. The light has three brightness levels, starting at the dimmest when you tap the power button. In addition to being a light the base also has a small cup for pens and pencils. Overall I am very pleased with this light and think it will go great in my office. I was given the opportunity to purchase this product free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

ArJay June 14, 2016

Too cute!

How can you be sad with a leaf-shaped desk light? It's so cute and portable. The "pot" is the size of a 10oz-12oz mug, but of course it's lightweight. It's got 3 levels that change with just a simple light touch. The brightest is not the super bright blinding light like my other tiny LED light that plugs into my laptop, I can still look into the light on this iEGrow lamp at its brightest setting without it hurting my eyes. It's portable and charges via USB cable, so it's very convenient. The description on the iE grow lamp says after fully charged, the lamp will last 15 hours consecutively in the dimmest light; 10 hours in medium light and 5 hours in brightest. Mine has yet to reach that level no matter how many times I fully charge my lamp, but other than that, it works well, and I love the white light (it's not that yellow glow). Free product provided for honest, unbiased opinion and review.

Stay at Home mommy Reviewer June 14, 2016

This dimmer able desk light is perfect for what I wanted to use it for

This dimmer able desk light is perfect for what I wanted to use it for. I wanted it for my desk so I could use it night when my husband is sleeping. My home office is my dressing room which is next to our bedroom so I always worried about having too much light! This is perfect as it doesn’t give off too much light. Since I using it just so I can see the keyboard as I write, I can use on the lowest setting. Plus this is super cute- I was taken by it fun look!

Abbie June 14, 2016

My daughter loves it

I got this for my daughter as her birthday present.She loves loves it and put it in her bedside table.Perfect for a nighlight and the touch dimmable is so great.It works perfectly and this is not only a desk lamp but a pen holder.Very useful

David Perez June 14, 2016

Five Stars

So far so good. Very nice and simple design, usb charging and great price