12.9 Inch IPad Leather Bluetooth Keyboard Case

iPad Leather bluetooth keyboard Case with 4 Color Backlit for iPad Pro

Tech Specs:
Product Dimensions : 13.4 x 9.4 x 1 inches
69 Reviews

iEGrow PU Leather Folio Case with 7-color Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 Inch

Multi-functional Case for iPad Pro 12.9

  • Protection for your iPad Pro 12.9
    F16S+ pu leather case offers durability, strength and protection for your iPad pro 12.9 to keep scratches, dings and splashes away. The case folds into a portfolio-like case, excellent for work, travel and on-the-go protection.
    Smart Case Functionality
    The auto-sleep smart function allows you to preserve power on your iPad whenever you close the keyboard case. This added convenience allows you to pack up and go without having to worry to turn off your iPad and drain your battery life.
    Different Viewing Position
    The case itself can be tilted to your preferred viewing position and acts as a stand for your iPad. It's also very easy to use right out of the package. Simply slide your iPad right into the case and close the velcro strap to prevent the iPad from slipping out.
  • Bluetooth Enabled Capability
    Easily setup your iPad for the first time, afterwards pairing is automatic once the keyboard is turned on. Use Fn+C to open the The Bluetooth function also allows you to connect with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as your iPhone, smartphone or tablet device.

    Superior ABS Chiclet Keys
    Provides a smooth, natural typing experience like using a normal keyboard, much higher quality than cheap silicone keys. Because the keys are like a normal keyboard, you will have a much faster response time vs. silicone keys.
    7-color Backlit Keyboard
    Backlighting design, 7 colors light(red/white/yellow/green/cyan/blue/purple), can provide different brightness control, different visual enjoyment for you.

Feel Free to Use the Keyboard Case as a iPad Pro 12.9 Keyboard or Protective Case

Hear what others have to say.

G-MomDecember 20, 2016

Pretty color

Pretty color. A bit heavy but it's okay. I like the backlight on the keyboard.

Janet CrumpDecember 15, 2016

not a happy camper at all

Key pad wont connect with my ipad, not a happy camper at all.

Amazon CustomerDecember 6, 2016

Five Stars

This case and keyboard are the greatest accessories for my iPad Pro! Very great,, durable quality!

Michelle DinhDecember 1, 2016

Five Stars

My kid love it.

Linda KarameteNovember 30, 2016

One Star

The keys on the right side of the keyboard was not writing on the left side was working.

Amazon CustomerOctober 27, 2016

Four Stars

Pretty decent for the price, sometimes it is hard to keep the iPad on an upper position.

tracey d.October 24, 2016

Five Stars


Johnny0723October 23, 2016

No lag, especially great for Mac veterans, backlit lights are cool for night time typing, case is a bonus!

Just what I was looking for! The packaging is fancy, case feels nice and holds the iPad securely, the keyboard works great...no lag whatsoever! If you use a Mac, you'll feel right at home. Please see my full unboxing and review for more insights...just go to youtube and search for my username: johnny0723.

Princess of GodOctober 18, 2016

and is NOT good for using in your laps or carry it around

Keyboard is heavy. and is NOT good for using in your laps or carry it around. Doesn't work the money.

A. PattersonOctober 16, 2016

Great attractive case but

I really love this case. My iPad is secure and it's very attractive. It does make the iPad heavier but it better than carrying around my MACBOOK Pro. I always get complements on it. The one thing that's slightly annoying is the tapping of the keyboard. I wish it was soft keys. I record my lectures and you can hear the tapping. Also I would definitely buy a screen protector. I haven't had any issues because I never had the keyboard laying on the iPad without a screen protector but I don't want to find out either. Oh one other thing I am noticing is the edges of the keyboard is starting to wear. We'll have to see if that stops. I've only had the case for a month.

Emily A RetterOctober 8, 2016

Stunning case!

I LOVE this case for my IPad Pro! It's beautiful and very easy to open and set up. The keyboard is not attached to the case so I simply set it aside when I do not need it. The keyboard has an on/off switch to save energy. The look of this case is stunning. I highly recommend it.

CharOctober 2, 2016

Good case for typing.

This is a good case but it did not work for me. I use my iPad more for games than typing. The case was hard for me to hold with the key board.

Marlene E LeckieSeptember 23, 2016

One Star

Very thin and poor quality. Returned it.

Antonia PorthSeptember 21, 2016

Nice keyboard! But….

iPad does not stay where angled but slides. Love the colors and the function of the keyboard, size and weight, but realllly hard to get charger plug into it.

Andrew E.September 14, 2016

Nice keyboard! Pretty ok case

So I found the build quality of this keyboard absolutely fantastic. It's aluminum and really really strong feelinging, and of course the keys worked great. Luckily it charges also and doesn't use batteries which is awesome. I also am a fan that the keyboard is not actually connected to the case because then I can use it from a far, as well as pair the keyboard with other devices like my iPhone, and iMac. The backlights are also a great added plus. Now they're not as bright as a MacBook keyboard persay but it definitely helps in those dark situations, which I'm ok with given the keyboard is wireless. The case, of course worked, as in it propped up my iPad pretty well however I can see where some of the lower reviewers are coming from when they say the case does add a bit of weight to the tablet. Though I didn't think the weight made it not worth it, it's a little heavy but not really that burdensome. I'm ok with it.

Norma E. MunozSeptember 11, 2016

Its pretty but useless.

The ipad wont stay up. Its too heavy for the case. The keyboard cant be kept inside the case unless you dont mind scratching your ipad. Its beautiful but worthless. Not userfriendly. It just looks nice. So not worth it..will return for somethimg else if i can figure out where and how to Do that.

steveAugust 29, 2016

Great service and iPad protector

Cover is great, Bluetooth keyboard is a hassle to connect at times.

Pamela JumboAugust 16, 2016

Disappointed, I looked for the weight in the product …

Be aware of the weight of the product! The price of the product is unreasonable: you can get a cheaper and lighter combination of bluetooth keyboard and iPad case. When the case arrived I was surprised by the weight of the package. Unfortunately it wasn't just the packaging, the actual case (I am not even counting the keyboard) is as heavy as the ipad (if not heavier). That defeats the portability and convenience of your iPad. The combination of case/keyboard/ipad was as heavy as my mac (13" Mid 2012). Disappointed, I looked for the weight in the product description, and yep it was 2.8lb. Researching for other options on Amazon, I found the OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad and Apple iPad Pro Case - ProCase Leather Stand Folio Case Cover for 2015 Apple iPad to be cheaper and around a third of the weight (approx 1 lb) of the iEGrow case. Only drawback of this combo is that the keyboard does not have backlit. But you can still get a backlit keyboard with a lighter case (1.8lb) for a cheaper price (iPad Air Keyboard Case,Dingrich Premium Protective Leather Built in Stand Trifold Case). Overall, the price of the product is too much for its benefits, do some research before you make a decision and dont waste $10 returning this product :'(

Small town girlAugust 16, 2016

Absolutely stunning and high quality!

I just got this in today and speedily as usual. The product is so gorgeous it absolutely knocked my socks off. It looks extremely high quality and the color richness is stunning. I haven't even gotten my iPad Pro in yet. Two more days. I can't wait to put it in this beautiful case. Don't hesitate. You'll love it. And the Amazon picture absolutely does not do it justice! It has a beautiful glowing sheen to it as well. I'll add an addendum to my comments here once I get it operational. I have a feeling it's going to be just great. ????????????

AcustomerAugust 16, 2016


Very thin and poor quality. Returned it.

Taylor Donna July 2, 2016

This product is exactly as other reviewers described.

This product is exactly as other reviewers described. It is quality leather, the keyboard feels like a real keyboard (can hear and feel the keys clicking). Keyboard is not attached to the cover. Worth every penny.

Amber Fear July 1, 2016

This is exactly what i am looking for!

This is exactly what i am looking for! I'm very happy with the purchase and have already recommended it to friends.

Goes WILLJune 17, 2016

It works great so far!

I can't say for sure how it will hold up in the long run, but it fit my iPad like a glove and covers the back and sides of the unit quite well.

CORBY Cochenour June 16, 2016

It’s a good quality product!

Got it few days ago. It's a good quality product, work great so far! Love it!

ESE jhegdy June 16, 2016

The fit is perfect and stays securely in place!!

I purchased this for my iPad Mini 4. The fit is perfect and stays securely in place. Easy to install, snaps right on, and easy to remove. Construction for its simplicity is very good. No complaints, this case fulfills it's purpose.

Jonathan mahatheyJune 15, 2016

So far so good!

So far so good. I was skeptical at first, but it's holding up so far. Hope it could work well all the time!

Evelio EL June 14, 2016

This is the keyboard case i want!

This is the keyboard case i want. I tried several different cases which were much more expensive, but this one works the best.

Michell & JennyJune 13, 2016


When iPad mini 4 was searched this came up. Nothing says this won't fit a mini 4..... Disappointed

Elizabeth DAUTA June 13, 2016

Have had no problems with this product.

Have had no problems with this product.

Donald GoeriousJune 12, 2016

I bought this case for it’s keyboard which works very well.

I bought this case for it's keyboard which works very well. the case holds everything together nicely and is small enought to fit in my purse.