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  • 7 Days Ago
    Great keyboard. Fits my iPad Pro 9.7” perfectly. The keyboard is nearly perfect. My only complaint about the keyboard is the tiny right Shift key (it’s right beside the Page Up button). Also, the screen saver wasn’t usable, I ended up throwing it out.Love the backlit colours and great variety in the colours. Very sturdy keyboard. Makes your iPad more like a small laptop. Love being able to turn the monitor all the way over.
  • 7 Days Ago
    The case is amazing! It turns my iPad into a laptop. It is not just a stander but also a keyboard for typing! The battery life is very very long!
  • 7 Days Ago
    This is a really good package since it not only includes the iPad case but some some other assistive stuff such as screen protector, keyboard protector and wiper. Really good quality and worth its price!
  • 7 Days Ago
    This keyboard made my iPod a cute little laptop. Long time battery life and almost 180^ . They send me cute little stickers and keyboard protector and My friend loves it so much so they’re going to order it as well
  • 7 Days Ago
    WOW! Absolutely love the keyboard! There are backlights settings for IPAD keys and can be used as tablet mode and opens up to 360 degrees! The weight is a little thick, but I like the feel.the rubber finish is really nice too! Quality is great and good value for its price! It went over and beyond my expectation for sure.