How to Replace the Battery of iPhone6S Perfectly

The Guidance of iPhone6S Battery Replacement

1.Repairing the device by yourselves is likely to cause breakdown or data loss.So make sure to backup data before repairing. There are two ways to backup via iTunes. The first way, connect your phone to PC. Open Itunes to pair your phone and start to backup. The another way, make sure that your phone has connected to Wi-Fi. Open Setting-iCloud-Storage and start to backup. 

2.Relax and be patient. Put the screws and fittings in a container or in the flat object.

(1)Use screwdriver correctly, or it will cause screws loosed or phone damaged.
(2)You must use magnetic screw pasting, which can help you to recognize the positions of screw. Wrong position will damage your phone.
(3)Please be careful when you dismount and install because the flex cable is fragile.

4. Power off your iPhone.

5. Remove the two pentagonal screws that next to the Lightning connector.

6. Use hair dryer to heat the edge of phone.

7. Apply a suction cup to the screen that over the home button. Pull up the suction cup and create a slight gap. Place your fingernail into the gap.

8. Put the triangular plate into the gap and widen the gap along the side.

9. Don't pull it up violently, as it is connected at the top by cables that may break if stretched.

10.To reduce damage, please cut off power. Use cross screwdriver to remove the two Phillips screws.

11. Remove the battery connector bracket.

12. Remove the following four Phillips screws and the display cable bracket.

13. To prevent installing screws incorrectly, I advise tyro to use Memory Cushion.

14. Use tip to remove the flat cable. 

15. Then seperate it.

16. Remove the Phillips screws of vibrator and remove the vibrator.

17. Remove the stripe that on the top of the battery.

18. Pull the stripe following arrow. Please control your strength.

19. If you fail to pull out the stripe, you can use hair dryer to heat the position of battery because it let stripe become softer. If you succeed, ignore this step.

20. Take out the battery. Be careful of the near parts especially the primary board.

21. After taking out the battery, remove the remaining stripe.

22. Install new battery. Tear the blue plastic film.

23. Put the stripes on the new battery. Please put in the right way directly or you cannot move anymore. Do not stick in front of the battery.

24. Stick the remaining of stripe to the oppsite side.

25. Peel away the remaining piece of film.

26. Carefully stick the battery into the device.

27. Install the vibrator and put into the Phillips screws.

28. Stick the waterproof.

29. Peel away the protective film.

30. Install the screen and connect the flat cable. If you connect correctly, you can hear a sound. If not, try again.

31. Connect the battery wire.

32. Put down your phone and check if it can operate normal.
       Check these functions: display ,touch, camera, receiver, sensitization, speaker, volume button, record, power button. If all is well, power off. If not, remove the screen and check again.

33. Install EMI and the screws.

34. Install the battery bracket and screws.

35. Close the screen , pull along with the arrow and buckle down. If you cannot close normally, please check if there are something inside or if you didn’t install correctly.

36. Put into the last two pentagonal screws.

37. Finish. Power on your phone and check it.

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