How to Use iPad Pro?

How to Use iPad Pro?

As a productivity positioning device, besides equipping with SmartKeyboard and Apple Pencil, it also has other specific using ways and skills.  

Smart Keyboard
1.How to pair
     Put your iPad Pro into the Smart Connector, which has three magnetic contacts. And they will match under the magnetic effect.  

2.How to do when the iPad arouse time and again after connecting?
     If you meet this problem, please take out the iPad Pro from SmartKeyboard and then connect again. When it appears a warning that if you want to update SmartKeyboard, select ‘update’ and then the problem can be solved.
3.Two ways to fold your Smart Keyboard as a stand for your iPad Pro
     Fold the Smart Keyboard into a triangle with the keyboard in front of your iPad Pro.

     Fold the Smart Keyboard into a triangle with the keyboard tucked behind your iPad Pro.

4.How to use keyboard shortcuts?

     Like Mac, the keyboard of iPad Pro also has the keys of Command, Control and Option. So you can use many shortcuts. Also you can hold down one of the keys among Command, Control and Option to show all the shortcuts when you are using an app.The specific shortcuts are as follows.
Command + Tab: Switch apps.
Option +left/right arrow: Move the cursor forwards or backwards a word 
Command +left/right arrow: Move the cursor to the begin or end in one line of text
Command +up/down arrow: Move the cursor to the begin or end of the passage 
Shift + Command +left/right arrow: Shift a line of text on the left/right side of cursor
Shift + Option +left/right arrow: Select the next word of the text and move it on the left/right side of cursor;Click continuously to select more words
Shift+left/right arrow: Select the letter and move it on the left/right side of cursor;Click continuously to choose more letters    

Command + C: Copy 
Command + V: Paste
Command + R: Reply to an email
Command + Shift + R: Reply to all
Command + Shift + J: Mark as Junk Mail
Command + Shift + U: Mark as unread
Command +up/down arrow: Move up and down in the message
Command + N: Send a new message

Command + R: Reload the page
Command + [: Back
Command + Shift + R: Open in reading mode
Command + T: Open new option 
Command + W: Close the current option
Control + Tab: Display the next option
Control + Shift + Tab: Display the previous option 

If you don’t have SmartKeyboard, you can use the virtual keyboard of iPad Pro.

5. How to use shortcuts to switch input methods
  Tap the Earth in the left bottom . 

Apple Pencil
1.How to pair
  Firstly, open the bluetooth of iPad Pro. Then take off its cap and plug it into the Lightning connector on your iPad Pro. At the same time, you will see a notification and tap the button of paring. If there is no reply, please charge the Apple Pencil.

2.How to charge the Apple Pencil

  There are two ways to charge the Apple Pencil. 
(1)Take off its cap and plug your Apple Pencil into the Lightning connector on your iPad Pro.
(2)Buy an Apple Pencil Charging Adapter. Plug your Apple Pencil into a USB port with the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter and a Lightning to USB cable.
3.How to see the battery information of Apple Pencil
  Swipe the screen from up to down, tap the edit button on the ‘Today’ column and add the battery. Then tap ‘Finish’. At that time you can see the battery information.
4.How to replace the tip
  Unscrew the tip anticlockwise. Then replace.

5.How to do when the Apple Pencil does not work
  Check if the system version is iOS9.3 Beta4 or lower than it. If so, open this page in Safari and download the official document iOS_beta_Configuration_Profile.mobileconfig. Follow the notification, restart the phone and upgrade the latest version.
6.The drawing operation of Apple Pencil

   It supports Pressure operation, so you can control the depth of colour via strength. Also you can tilt the Apple Pencil and let it touch the screen, so you can color or erase.
   What’s more, when you use the drawing apps such as Paper53, you can select a photo as base map and draw the basic line. Then delete the photo. So you can draw a beautiful painting quickly.

Other functions
1.How to do if iPad Pro unexpectedly quits, stops responding, or appears blank screen
  Tap the power button and Home button together and keep more than 10 seconds. Then the iPad Pro will restart. When you see the white apple logo,go on. 
2.How to multitask 
  Swipe on the screen from the right side, and select any application. Drag the middle divider to adjust the size. If you drag the divider to the opposite, it means quit multitasking.
  If the application just supports Split Over, when you select the current application, the background application will be frozen. So you need to close the sidebar. 
3.How to use Picture in Picture
  When you are watching a movie, you can tap the button of video screen and scale down to a corner of your display. Then you can open another app and the video will continue to play. To turn the video to full screen, tap on the left corner of the video. Moreover,in General-Multitask, open the ‘Persistent Video Overlay’, and you can continue playing the video even you tap the screen button.
4.Adjust the speaker to adapt to the holding gesture
  With four speakers on four corners, the max volume of iPad Pro is three times louder than iPad Air. To adapt tp different holding gesture ,it can adjust the condition by means of sensor such as gravity sensor. 
5.How to click in text editing
  Put two fingers on the screen or keyboard at the same time and drag. Keep 2 seconds to select something and then move your fingers to select content.
6.How to keep mute and lock screen rotation without switch on the side
  Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center , and then select.
7.How to use farther operation via WearADay
  Use WearADay such as Splashtop 2-Remote Desktop to transfer the image of PC to iPad Pro. At the same time, you can check the document of PC with SmartKeyboard, transfer videos and so on.
8.The operation gesture of multiple fingers shortcuts
It is convenient for iPad user to use multifingered manipulation. For example, to open Multi-Task Management page, put four fingers and push up.Five fingers together can go back to the main interface. Using four fingers and swiping from left to right to switch apps.

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