The Leaked Photo of “Blush Gold” iPhone X

The Leaked Photo of “Blush Gold” iPhone X

As Apple’s star product, iPhone X gets some doubts but still attains expected sales volume.It is easier for customers to purchase a new iPhone because of the brand new design. 

Recently, a piece of news about leaked photos of the new-edition iPhone X appeared on the Internet. It indicated that the new iPhone X is at the stage of trial production. According to the information resources, different from the previous colors, the new color of iPhone X is called “Blush Gold”. 

In fact, various guesses about the new color of iPhone X were spread on the internet after iPhone X was released last year. However, at that time the KGI Securities analyst said the gold model may bring some production issues, thus it didn't go on sale. Finally, the current avaialble iPhone X just has two colors, Silver and Space Gray. 

Up to now, the news about Blush Gold version of iPhone X occurs again. It probably means Apple will relaease the Blush Gold iPhone X soon. But there is still no exact answer about when it will come out.

It is hardly accidental that Apple always releases new color of iPhone in March. For instance, Apple released the Red iPhone 7 in last March. However, it can promote the sales by announcing new color of iPhone in Spring. So let’s look forward to the coming Apple Spring Event in 2018.

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