Apple is planning to Use Customized Chips in Mac From 2020,Replacing Intel

Apple announced that the MacBook carries Intel chips in 2005, which rocked the whole industry. However, an important news appeared. According to the media resources, Apple will use its own chips to replace the intel chips from 2020.

It is said that Apple has prepared a project named Kalamata, and one of the purpose of this project is to combine Mac,iPhone and iPad closely. This project is like the previous projects, “Fat Binaries” project and “Rosetta” project. Apple moves 68K processor to PowerPC processor, and moves PowerPC processor to x86 processor. 

As we know, Apple designed its own A series chips for iPhone and iPad. But the self-developed chips in Mac are rarely known by people. The media resources said that the Mac chips developing project is in the early stage, and the interim plan will start in 2020. The systems and sofwares will start earlier. Thus, it will be divided into multiple steps to develop Mac customized chips. In the beginning, the plan in “Marzipan” software will allow and advise developers to develop the apps that can work in iOS and macOS at the same time in iOS 12 and mac OS 10.14.  

Obviously, once Apple has its Mac chips, it can replace Intel chips because the manufacturing time of Intel chips is slow. In addition, Apple can intergrate new functions and develop its products further.

It supports Apple to bring new functions of its products ,and seperates it from the competitor. Apple will become a PC manufacturer using its own processor when it releases Mac customized chips. In comparison, Dell,HP,LENOVE and ASUS are using Intel chips only. 

In addition, Apple can intergrade new hardwares and softwares to improve the battey life of products. The effect is like the A series chips of iPad.

In fact, Apple has the products that carry ARM chips. The new MacBook Pro is equipped with T1 chips and iMac Pro is equipped with T2 chips. The T1 chips are used in Touch Bar to verify the Touch ID. While the T2 chips involve more elements including system management controller, image signal processor , SSD controller and Secure Enclave based on the hardware encryption engine.

Some information show that Apple will release new Mac products at the end of this year, which carry more self-developed processing chips, including the developing Mac Pro.

In recent year, many rumors said that Apple was inclined to develop ARM chips in Mac and reduced its dependence on Intel. In fact, the news involving inner devices chips almost show that Apple plans to develop its own chips to replace others. For example, Apple will develop the modem by itself to reduce its dependence on Intel and Qualcomm. 

All in all, whether the ARM chips in Mac exist or not, replacing the Intel chips will have a great influence on Intel. Because the volume of Intel chips that Apple purchases every year takes 5 percent of Intel's annual revenues. After the news appeared, the shares of Intel reduced 9.2 percent and reached the maximum drawdown. In recent 10 years, Intel acts as the NO.1 in th global computer industry.Even Microsoft is working together with Qualcomm to develop a secret PC.

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