Will Apple Develop Its Social Network Recommend

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Will Apple Develop Its Social Network

Recently, the event that the users' data leaking of Facebook caused a big hit. The CEO of Facebook and the CEO of Apple once crossed swords with this problem.

What will happen if Apple develop its own social network to replace Facebook? The media resource techpinions asked for Apple to develop its own social network because Apple has its unique advantages protecting privacy.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook emphasized repeatedly that Apple is protecting privacy of users. During the several decades that Jobs led Apple, Apple have been protecting users’ pricacy all the time. 

Cook stated two key points in the interview.
“Firstly, it is known that the users hope we can help them protect their privacy. As far as we can see, the privacy is basic human rights. We will try our best to keep this promise. We pay much attention to the users’ privacy because of our corporate value instead of commercial interests. Our users are not commodities, so we won’t collect their privacy information. That’s not we should do.
Secondly, Apple just uses the purchasing history of users. For example, after you purchased an app in App Store, we would recommend you other relevant apps. But it is limited,we won’t use it into the Apple Music. It should be independent in different services.”

In fact, Apple get interests from hardwares instead of advertisements. However other enterprises such as Facebook , Google are on the contrary. Will it be safe that Apple develop its chargeable social network? Apple has its infrastructure. There are lots of data centers and servers of Apple that can meet the needs of large amount of users.

The advantages that Apple can develop its social network are as follow.
1.There is no advertisement in Apple social network. Information collecting and selling won’t appear without advertisements. The users can share data and contents freely. Don’t worry about the recommendation of supercar from ad website when they are talking to their friends about Ferrari.
2.There are 1.2 billion Apple users in global, and 800 million of them paid for other Apple services besides hardwares. It will have a good basis that Apple develop a safe and chargeable social network. Because Apple users will pay for the services.
3.It helps attract more people that haven’t use Apple’s products to know Apple.

Before that, Cook said there is no any advertisement in a real social network. However Zuckerberg believed that he can create a safe social network with advertisements. But the users won’t believe now.  

Will Apple develop a social network? The answer is unknown. But it is believed that the leaders of Apple are discussing this problem now.

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