It has been confirmed that Xiaomi new flagship phone Mi Mix 2s will be released on March, 27th in Shanghai, China. Multiple sources indicate that the Xiaomi Mix 2s will adopt dual-rear camera, ceramic fuse body, AI photographing technology. For this time, no forehand bang, no camera on the right top corner; the full screen completely takes the place of “almost full screen”.

Today one person called YanYang posted 2 photos of real Mix 2s on Sina Weibo. He said that he didn't understand how Xiaomi put the front camara into the particular narrow jaw. It seems Xiaomi tries to stand in the same line with Apple. 


Its said that Mi Mix 2s is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon845 processor, 19:9+6.01 screen, 2160*1080 resolution, fingerprint identification under screen, AI camera technology, 4400mAh battery, 8GRAM+256RAM, and supports 960fps intervene-photographing (similar to Samsung S9).

Here is a sample photo shot by Xiaomi Mix 2s:


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