iOS 11.3 “Battery Health” Cannot Work With Third-party Battery

iOS 11.3 “Battery Health” Can’t Work With Third-party Battery

On March 30th, iOS 11.3 is available to iPhone.
Although this system version frobid using third-party USB-C to Lightning fast-charging cables,it brings lots of new functions. Such as Battery Health, Business Chat, New Health Records and Apple Pay Transit Card.

After the event that Apple underlocked the CPU, the users focus more on phone batteries. Thus, the function of Battery Health in this new system version became a popular topic. 
Some users indicated that the battry health can’t be viewed normally after updating iOS 11.3. There are two notices on the screen: “no battery health information” or “on reparing”.

According to the supply chains, the “Battery Health” can only work with Apple official batteries. It means the third-party batteries can’t work with this function.

If you once changed your phone battery, you would find there is a small flat cable in iPhone battery. There are many components in the flat cable. One of the components is Special coulombmeter designed from TI(Texas Instruments). The coulombmeter of original battery has built-in communication protocol. The battery information and battery health should be reveled by coulombmeter communication. 

However, the third-party battery takes cracked-version coulombmeter, which just aims at some optimized operation system and is unable to upgrade with the update of iOS system. The same as third-party USB-C to Lightning fast-charging cables, Apple can change the communication protocol to make the craked-version communication unrecognizable.

Some tips
1.Don’t update iOS and change the third-party battery
Most of the third-party batteries manufacturers have optimized the old iOS system. With the perfect technology, they can be compared favourably with original battery. 
2.Update iOS and change the third-party battery
Most of third-party batteries can’t work with new function “Battery Health”. This function will influence “Peak performance capacity”. The third-party batteries can’t close system underlocking. If your third-party battery is new, it will not appear the system underlocking problems.
3.Update iOS ,and continue using the old battery or change Apple official battery
The cost of changing Apple original batteries was reduced from 600RMB to 218RMB after the underclocking event. Although it is more expensive than the third-party batteries, it has reliable guarantee in performance. 

At the end of 2017, Apple underclocked the CPU of iPhones with updating system. It caused the strong disapprovals of users. Finally Apple apologized.

Apple promised that they would change the batteries out of warranty period by reducing the cost. In addition the users can know clearly about the battery health of iPhones with updating iOS softwares.

Because changing official batteries needs to be ordered in advance and the waiting time is long that even reaches ten weeks, many old iPhone users changed the third-party batteries. 
However in iOS 11.3 , the Battery Health can’t work with third-party batteries. 
What do you think of it? As an iPhone user that have changed third-party battery and update iOS 11.3, will you change the Apple original battery again?

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