FAQs for Bluetooth Keyboard Case

***Some keyboard devices are equipped with different components and features. If necessary, please operate according to the particular user manual involved in the box.*** 


Question 1: How to connect the keyboard to my iPad?

Solution:The pairing is finished through Bluetooth.

(1).Start your iPad, click SettingsBluetooth.

(2).Turn on the Bluetooth button of the keyboard.

(3).Simultaneously hold “Fn + C” buttons to activate the Bluetooth signal. Then the Bluetooth indicator will flash continuously. The keyboard will enter “Searching Status” within 3 minutes.

(4).Click “Settings” on iPad, select “Bluetooth 4.0 /3.0 Keyboard” to finish the pairing. The Bluetooth indicator stops flashing, indicating the Bluetooth pairing is successfully completed.  



Question 2: How to adjust the colors of backlight? How to change the brightness of backlight?

Solution: The particular user manual in the box includes the operation methods.

1.Backlight Switch: Press the lamp key on the right side of space key. The 1st press turns on the backlight. The 2nd press increases the brightness. The 3rd press maximizes the brightness. The 4th press turns off the backlight.

2.Backlight Color Adjustment: press the key on the right side of lamp key to adjust 7 colors(red/yellow/blue/green/purple/white/cyan).

3. Breathing light: Press Fn+Q to turn on the breathing light. Press Fn+Q again to turn it off. Its color can’t be manually adjusted. *The brightness of breathing light can’t be adjusted.*



Question 3: Does the keyboard have any shortcut keys works for iOS?

A: Yes. In general the keyboard’s shortcut keys support: Home,Mute, Play/Pause, Forward, Back, Volume up, Volume down, Copy, Paste, Stick, Lock Screen, Brighter, Darker and etc. Some models may have differences.



Question 4: How can i find the right keyboard case for my iPad mini or iPad Air or iPad Pro?

Solution: Please find the right keyboard case from the three sheets on this page. The keyboard's features support all iOS devices. 


Question 5: Can i adjust the viewing angles of the iPad onto the protection cover

A: Yes. The cover can be adjusted to 120-360 degree rotation or flip. Please check the user manual for more details.


Question 6: How do I know the keyboard needs to be recharged? How to charge it?

A: Some devices may have differences. Please refer to the particular user manual for more details.

When the battery indicator shows Orange and flashes, it means you need to charge the keyboard.

(1).Please connect your Bluetooth keyboard to an operating desktop/laptop using the USB cable.

(2).The battery indicator shows Red, indicating the keyboard is being charged.

(3).The battery indicator shows Green, indicating the full charge has been completed.



Question 7: How many colors are available for purchase?

A: Different models have different color versions. Please ask the specialist via support@iegrow.com if necessary.


Question 8: What's the material of this keyboard?

A: Aluminum alloy panel. ABS chicklet keys.


Question 9: How to separate the iPad out of the case?

A: Please view this tutorial.


Question 10: How long would the keyboard work continuously?

A: Different models support different continuous working time.  

(1).60-750hours(without backlight).

(2).2.5-5 hours(with backlight).