Thank you for browsing our After-sales Service page. To ensure 100% customer satisfication, we provides 12-Month Warranty and 30-Day Refund Gurranttee. You may return the product without any reason if you don't like it.We’re very sorry about any convenience your purchase brings you. Before applying for refund or exchange, you may note the situations below are not applicable for return or replace.


1. Manually disassembling Product will make the voidness of refund &replacement. 

2.Damages caused by external forces (like breaking caused by violent tread or drop) .

3.Hardware damages caused by improper operations, for instance the wrong insert of USB. 

4. Appearance flaws caused by proper use are not applicable to be replaced if it can work normally. 

5.Appearance flaws or functional deficiencies caused by frequent drops.

6. Bad situations due to long time of being unused (you are suggested to make 1 full charge every two months when

you leave it unused, for the reason that insufficient power on long time of Standby Mode will do harm to the battery). 

7.Damages caused by the heavy objects above the product.

8.Damages or loss of the product due to force majeure, such as earthquakes or floods, are beyond our duty.


For refund or replacement, you may send an application letter including the following information to

1.Order No.

2.Purchaser Name

3.Product Name

4.Reason for Request

5.Related Images