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iPad Mini 4 Keyboard Case, iEGrow F04 7 Colors Backlit Slim Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard with Protective Clamshell Case Cover and 2800 mAh External Battery for iPad Mini 4 Model A1538/A1550

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1.Aluminum iPad mini 4 keyboard case cover, made of high standard aluminum alloy material, totally aluminum alloy iPad case
2.7 colors LED backlit mini 4 keyboard, 7 color backlighting design, support different brightness control, bring you different enjoyment, Please use the ‘Fn+→’ to change the color, ‘Fn+↑’ to turn on or brighter the backlighting, ‘Fn+↓’ to turn off or daker the backlighting
3.Powerful capacity power bank, with 2800mah capacity power bank, can charge for your mini 4, mobile phone, tablets and other device
4.Ultra slim, waterproof and portable, clamshell case cover design, the thickness of key only 4mm, super convenience to carry
5.Comfortable and special function keys, optimized keys design help you get more done from the convenience of your iPad mini 4 keyboard

Item specifics

size 8*6*1 cm

Product Details


Features of iPad Mini 4 keyboard case

Slim Aluminum iPad Mini 4 Bluetooth Keyboard
This iPad Mini 4 Bluetooth Keyboard Case makes your iPad mini 4 more than a touch-screen tablet. Just pair it with your iPad and enjoy your new MacBook.
Aluminum iPad Mini 4 Keyboard Case Cover
Made of high standard aluminum alloy material, totally aluminum alloy iPad mini 4 case.
Please Note: since the aluminum built adds some weight, it may heavier than some leather keyboard cases .
Powerful Capacity Power Bank
Powerful capacity power bank, with 2800mah capacity power bank, can charge for your iPad mini 4, mobile phone, tablets and other device.
7 Colors Backlit iPad Keyboard
Backlighting design keyboard case for iPad, can provide different brightness control, different visual enjoyment for you.
Note:Please use the ‘Fn+→’ to change the color, ‘Fn+↑’ to turn on or brighter the backlighting, ‘Fn+↓’ to turn off or daker the backlighting.
Comfortable and Special Function Keys
Special function keys help you get more done from the convenience of your mini 4 keyboard.
Package Included:
1 x iPad Mini 4 Keyboard Case
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual


Product Reviews

  • Casey G:


    Really good case, makes the ipad look like a laptop.
    Very sturdy.
    Being able to charge the ipad and my iphone in class when not near a socket saved me so many times.
  • G. Barton:


    A little on the heavy side, but my daughter Loves it (nursing school). Working with it in a public place, people stop and ask her is that a MacBook pro with a touch screen. No, just a iPad Pro.
  • Floweron:


    Love that it feels like a real laptop. Very sturdy.
  • Amazon Customer:


    I’ve only had this case for 6 weeks, and it’s falling apart. But I contacted the company and they were more than happy to replace it. They also asked for a picture so their technical team can see where the design flaw is.


    Perfect. I'm able to type in the park or cafe.
  • Sindion:


    This keyboard is great and the customer service from this seller is incredible. The one I received had some issues (the battery indicator lights were not working and the charging port was loose) so I reached out to the seller the same day I received the item and they responded very, very quickly! The response was courteous and they offered to send a replacement ASAP. It just arrived today and it is absolutely perfect. It feels very high quality, looks like a laptop, is easy t


    a little heavy but after a few months of use still working good, good quality
  • Reid Choate:


    Turns my iPad Pro into a laptop. Looks great, works perfectly. Multi color and brightness, light up keyboard is fantastic. Aluminum case is tough, light and matches iPad perfectly. iPad pops in and out of case easy, hinge is smooth. Battery backup is a great feature. I have had their case for my iPad Air for several years now and it still works and looks great.
  • HPG:


    Love this. It is durable, attractive & works greatl! I definitely would recommend it.
  • zoesy:


    Big matches iPad color exactly turns it into a giant laptop which is very funny to see but it’s great quality and color match is spot on
  • Alan :


    Really happy with this purchase.
  • Amanda:


    I don't normally write reviews but this case is so fantastic I felt I should. It is strong, durable, the keyboard works just as well as any laptop would, and the length of time between needing to charge the keyboard is impressive. It has definitely exceeded my expectations!
  • Will It Blend?:


    As solid as the iPad mini! Not a cheap knockoff. Some tiny improvements could be made - chamfer the sharp edges. Move charging port to Mae side as the iPad charging port. This is the best keyboard case I've found. Even comes with a keyboard dirt protector
  • Darcy Van Orden:


    It looks awesome with my matching new IPAD, looks and works like a laptop! Its heavy duty! great quality for the low price!
  • Misty G:


    Received mine today and I....love it!!! Took me a few minutes to figure it all out but I am very pleased...the feel of the keys is exactly what I was looking for. It seems just like the MacBook Pro which I have had also. I DEF recommend this!! Keyboard lights up in all different colors and no problems with the hinge for me. I purchased the Rose Gold for 12.9 and it matches my iPhone 7 plus also....Happy girl here :o)
  • Robert Cosme:


    Beautiful back lit keyboard with different color lights! Durable aluminum shell, gold color is almost exactly my iPad color, perfect match! Battery life is awesome! I charged it once and forgot about it! It also has a USB port in case my iPad, or any other device, runs out of battery I can use the keyboard to charge it up! I love it! Thanks! And great customer service from the company, helpful, prompt and professional. Will definitely shop with them again!
  • Arronda Hurst:


    Instructions don't tell you how to turn on and change the back light colors but figured it out! Function key and the arrow up/down turns it on and changes the color! Love the little clam shell.....a tad heavier than expected but love the functionality of it for my mini Ipad that I use at work!!!!
  • meishan:


    So far so good. I have had it for two weeks. Just figured out how to keep the keyboard backlight light (fn key and the right arrow to change colors and the up arrow to increase the light and keep it lit). Quiet typer; heavy but protective; is heavy because it is also an external battery that comes in handy. It really turns the iPad into a mini computer (this is great because my computer is a POS HP from 2012).

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