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iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard Case, iEGrow F8Spro Slim Clamshell iPad Protective Cover with 7 Colors LED Backlit Keyboard for iPad Pro 9.7 Inches 2016 Released Model A1673/A1674/A1675

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★★★IMPORTANT! iEGrow iPad pro 9.7 keyboard cover ONLY compatible with the 2016 release 9.7 inches iPad Pro generation, the model number will be A1673/A1674/A1675,you can find your tablet model number at back cover of your iPad. Please note: the keyboard case can also compatible with iPad air 2, however the speaker part not fit well.
★★★7 Colors Backlit iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard - this keyboard cover have 7 colors backlight options(red/white/yellow/green/cyan/blue/purple), 3 levels different brightness control, makes the keyboard iPad pro works and looks great in dark, provide a different visual enjoyment for you
★★★Multiple Angle Viewing iPad Pro 9.7 Case - shaft bracket design, allow the iPad pro case to be tilted up to 135 degree to provide the most comfortable viewing position, change your pro 9.7 iPad to small Macbook in seconds
★★★Slim, Comfortable, USB Rechargeable, Wireless Bluetooth iPad Pro Keyboard - with optimized key design for comfortable typing experience, the thickness of key only 4mm, super light for carry, one single charge gives you long time working time using keyboard case, using Fn+C to connects the keyboard to your iPad 9.7 automatically
★★★Kickstand, Protective iPad Pro 9.7 Case and Keyboard 3 in 1 - keeping your iPad free from scratches, drops and crashes. Supports auto sleep / wake function; allows full access to all ports and features, functional and stylish, portable and matches perfectly with the color of the iPad pro 9.7 inches

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size 9*7*1 cm

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iPad Pro 9.7 Bluetooth Keyboard Case with 7 Colors Backlighting


Get to Know iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard Case Better

Super-slim and Portable - Using ultra-thin design concept, and a thickness of only 17mm, the keyboard case is supper light to carry.

Multi-angle Design - The spindle approach can change the display to infinite viewing angles, for total range of use, and will bring you a comfortable using     experience.

7-color Backlits and 3-level Brightness Control - The seven color backlighting and adjustable brightness, provide user-oriented satisfaction under any environmental condition.

Intelligent Switches - The keyboard is a turned On and Off by opening and closing the cover, can automatically wakes or puts the iPad into sleep when it is opened or closed.

Bulit-in Rechargeable Battery  - Build-in battery will allow you to continuously use this keyboard case at any where you want for up to 5 hours(With backlits) or 181 hours(Without backlits). Ultra Slim and premium looking, makes your iPad into a laptop in seconds.

Well Protection and Perfect Access - Premium quality aluminium alloy keyboard case for 2016 iPad Pro 9.7, protects all sides, edges and surfaces of the iPad. Keeps tablet Safe and Secure. Accurate cutout makes perfect access to all switches, speakers, lightning connector, volume up/down, camera and headphone jack.

Get to Use iPad Pro 9.7 Keyboard Case Better

How to avoid entering the periods when double click space bar?
 Due to iPad default setting, you may get period when pressing space bar. Please open your iPad and goes to Setting - General - Keyboard - “.” Shortcut (turn it off).

How to Remove the iPad Easily?

  1. Find out an expired card
  2. Insert the card into the gap and push the card to the cover side a little bit
  3. Slid the card from one side to another
  4. Separate the iPad from the cover easily

How to Get the Keyboard Sync with iPad?

  1.  Plase fully charge the keyboard and open it, the light comes on and then goes out.
  2.  Press “Fn + C”to open the keyboard's Bluetooth, the Bluetooth indicator flashing
  3.  Go to your iPad settings, click on Bluetooth and keep it on search mode
  4.  Click on “Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard” to finish the pairing, the Bluetooth indicator goes out.
Package Included:

1 x iPad Pro 9.7'' Bluetooth Keyboard Case

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual


Product Reviews

  • abbilina:


    Sleek look and works perfectly!
  • Kirsten L. Dallmann:


    Keyboard works great. Keys feel nice and responsive. Weight is good, not too heavy, a not too light. Works well holding (proving) the iPad while watching a movie for example. I don’t feel like I need a screen protector with this keyboard protector. Back light is helpful in low light situations. Keyboard seems to wake up pretty quick when you start using it as compared to a different standalone keyboard have used before. Battery life is excellent. I love using the multimedia shortcut keys along w
  • AZ. Sunshine:


    This is a very sturdy case. I am always asked where I got it. People love it and want it. It functions well, no skipping letters when you use the keys. It works so well, this is the second one I purchased, the other one is for an older iPad.
  • John W. GrahamVINE VOICE:


    I got this to go with a 2017 iPad Pro 10.5" model. This only fits models A1701 and A1709.This is a really feature packed keyboard. It has back-lighted keys (7 colors) and basically turns your iPad into a notebook.You have to pair the keyboard to your iPad via Bluetooth which will use some additional battery. The keyboard is rechargeable and it has a battery life indicator, only letting you know when it is depleted.My only complaint is that the keyboard uses a micro USB charging cable versus ligh
  • Amy S:


    This keyboard case is great for the cost. My previous case was a zagg, but they no longer make one of this style that fits the iPad Pro 10.5" Did have a problem with the "G" key getting hard to push after about a month of use. Contacted IEGrow and they were quick offer a solution and eventually replaced the product. No problems with Bluetooth keeping connection. Only 1 thing I'd suggest as an improvement would be rubber skid bumpers on the bottom to keep it from moving while you press the iPad s
  • M. Payne:


    This is the 3rd one I’ve owned.I’ve had gold, silver and now grey. They are made of metal which adds some weight but not much. It feels very solid. Looks great. I get lots of compliments. Shows the apple logo through a cut out in the top. Scratches some on the bottom with normal use but. Not a big deal at all. The positions of the top when open at different angles is a plus. It does loosen over time and fall down. Less than a year in but only in the most far range to the back. Otherwise, sits up
  • Smart4VINE VOICE:


    This is an excellent case/cover
    I love that it charges fast, and lasts a long time per charge
    I love how the keyboard is lit, and how responsive it is!
    I like how well it holds my iPad
    A like how it looks
    I love how strong it is!
    I liked how easy to set up it is.
    Dislikes? None at all! An excellent keyboard case.
  • Campbell:


    Ordered the rose gold to match the rose gold iPad and they are a perfect match. Aesthetically this is a very attractive device! The keys are good quality and I am impressed with how this company put the time into making a product that basically turns your iPad pro into a small laptop. I've used similar devices before from other companies and found that if the bottom piece is too light, then putting in the iPad can make the top too top heavy, causing tipping or the whole device to fall backwards.


    This case is perfect. The fit is perfect, the keyboard itself is really nice as far as how it "types" very soft and fluid, not clacky or cheap feeling. Love the keyboard for that reason. You know how you just have a keyboard type that you love how the keys feel and tap? This is that kind for me. It may not be the best protection for a serious fall, since it is just a hard plastic snap on, but it is nice protection when tossing it in a tote bag etc, when carrying it around for work or school. I l
  • GreenyVINE VOICE:


    This keyboard is relatively heavy and it gets warm, but mine functions perfectly and I think it's a great deal at this price. The keys on mine work well and are responsive enough for me.As for looks, I think it's got plenty good looks. It looks sharp, I think. I haven't seen any iPad keyboard that is universally agreed upon as good-looking, but I like it's looks.
  • Kelsie Vanderflute:


    Love this! Want a Mac book but don’t want to pay the price, get this! I really love everything about it.


    This product is strictly for the 10.5 inch iPad. But if that is the iPad you have i highly recommended this keyboard. It acts as a case as well as a keyboard. It’s a great color, the picture resembles the product perfectly. Lightweight and easy to use. Overall i wouldn’t change anything about this product it was very well made. The battery life last for so long as well.


    It is so pretty and stylish.
  • Familyz7VINE VOICE:


    I received this a few days ago and put it on my iPad. It fit perfectly! Now, this serves as a case and also mimics a notebook computer.
    I have the gold color, and it looks amazing!
    It came in charged. But I still charged it for a few hours to extend battery life. They state that battery life on this is 3 years.
    It was very easy to set up. Bluetooth and enable it and connect. Simple. After you open the lid, it turns on. So no need to turn it on or wait, and it turns off as you close the lid. Very
  • R. M. ParkerVINE VOICE:


    I have had a few differ types of cases for my iPads over the years. But this case is by far the most stylist and practical case I could ever need!!! Makes it like a mini laptop! I love it!! It’s going to be perfect for taking notes in class. My new iPad arrives in a few days. It was so well packed, kudos for that case box!
  • Amazon Customer:


    The quality is so good. I like this pink keyboard very much. It also can change the color of my keyboard light according to my mood. it is so cool. It's easy to connect to my ipad. just open the Bluetooth. after one week ,it still has power. so powerful.


    This is the first, last and only product I will buy for my IPad. It is exceptionally functional, keeps charge, and protects my iPad. I use my iPad for work so it’s always with me and the keyboard makes my job easy. The colors are great on the keyboard to work at night. I love this product and wouldn’t order anything else.
  • John E. DruryVINE VOICE:


    This stylish, sturdy, protective iPad Pro 10.5 keyboard from iEGrow easily paired with the iPad, has seven backlighted colors for night work and turns “on/off” the iPad on closure. The keys take time adjusting to as the “shift” key is minimalized; the scroll keys (up/ down) are wedged between the “space” bar and the “shift” key. Keys are slim, responsive and offer a good touch in contrast to the Apple promoted Smart keyboard priced at $ 159.00. Its rechargeable battery, a wise choice, provides h
  • Michaelia Middleton:


    The keys are soft and it responsed well only by a simply touch.
  • Dorothy Mary:


    It fits well with my iPad Pro 10.5. The keyboard case looks well made should work for more than a year.

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